Many of our students live far from Yaowawit and do not have relatives that are able to look after them so it is necessary for the children to board full-time. The children live in dormitories with four to sixteen beds each, located above the classrooms. Each building has a parent teacher/mentor who sleeps adjacent and takes care of the children during the evenings. While simple in construction, the children find a way to make their dormitories “home”.

Students who live within 40 kilometres of the school are able to go home one weekend per month, and families and relatives are also encouraged to visit. During the October and March/April holidays, our family staff takes the time to make home visits with each of our children to connect with their families and discuss the child’s progress as well as any concerns regarding the child’s well-being.

As in any family, our children have duties and chores to contribute including cleaning and tidying their rooms, washing their dishes and helping with other important tasks involving the community. After school and during the weekends, we offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for all ages. This includes traditional dance, music, sports clubs and cooking. The art room and library are also made available.