Why Do You Need To Join Our Community Partnership?

Because by being a Yaowawit’s partner, you will be able to inform our children, the staff of our partners or the groups of international schools about your community. Yaowawit welcomes a help from your community. And in turn, if you need a help, Yaowawit will find a way to help your community.

What Is Our Community Partnership About?

This partnership will be a mutual relationship between your community and Yaowawit. Your community can teach our children, teachers or staff to understand the work your community is doing. Yaowawit will introduce your community to its international partners and invite them to learn the changes your community is making in this region.

Have Other Communities Joined This Partnership?

Yes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Bankapong School
  • Banbakpoo School
  • Kapongpittayakom School
  • Nainot Temple
  • Intapoom Temple
  • Pramok Temple
  • Betagroup
  • Kapong Hospital
  • Takuapa Hospital
  • Banbangsai School
  • Andaman Adventures

Join Us

To join us, email Khun Kanya at kanya@yaowawit.org.