When the foundation was founded, Yaowawit was known as Children’s World Academy.

CWA's logo is still in use today.

On the opening day of Yaowawit School, Philipp asked his friend Princess Sirindhorn if she had any idea for a shorter name for Children’s World Academy. A few days later, she came back and gave him a name: Yaowawit.

Children’s World Academy can be called as Yaowawit in Thai, the princess explained. He liked the sound of it – simple and catchy. Since then, Yaowawit had gradually replaced Children’s World Academy in a referred name.

In operation, everything stays the same as it would have been under Children’s World Academy.

Yaowawit as a foundation oversees:

  • Yaowawit School
  • Yaowawit Lodge
  • Yaowawit Farm