What Is English Camp?

Our English Camp is a week-long intensive English training. The training consists of various activities at Yaowawit and the surrounding areas. The topics of the training include tourism, information technology, environment and international communication.

Why Interactive?

We run the programme in a fun way. We use games, outdoor activities and group discussions to stimulate the participants to interact with one another and with their instructors. The participants are encouraged to speak up their minds in group discussions and decide which games or outdoor activities their groups should do.

What Are The English Camp Activities?

The activities can be divided into:

  • Games
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Group Discussions
  • Hospitality Lessons
  • IT Lessons
  • Creative Presentations

Who Are The Participants?

The participants are usually Thai students. The students are mostly from international schools or other prestigious schools in the region. And some others are from Yaowawit School. The students are mixed up and divided into groups. Each group has one foreign instructor and one Yaowawit teacher.

Who Are The Instructors?

The instructors are volunteer teachers who come from abroad, such as Germany, USA, Australia and Singapore. In addition to foreign teachers, Yaowawit teachers also take part in the groups, mainly to make sure the training is running well.

When Does An English Camp Take Place?

We run the English Camp during school breaks usually in April and October.