Why Do You Need To Join Our School Partnership?

Because by being a Yaowawit’s partner, you will be able to bring your students here where they can do their community services or any other social activities. Yaowawit is a unique place and offers your students a unique experience. Located in a remote area, Yaowawit is in a village where a Thai culture and a Thai way of life are still intact. Our social services programme will place your students to work with our students and interact with the communities in the villages around Yaowawit.

What Is Our School Partnership About?

The school partnership is a mutual relationship between your school and Yaowawit. Your school can use Yaowawit as a community services workplace for your students. And Yaowawit can rely on your school as a partner to help our children learn more about international communication in a real world from your students. We also welcome any educational workshop for our children or teachers that your school’s personnel may be able to provide.

Have Other Schools Joined This Partnership?

Yes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Hong Kong International School
  • Seoul Foreign School
  • Harrow International School Beijing
  • Harrow International School Bangkok
  • Linfield College, USA
  • KIS International School Bangkok
  • Phuket International Academy
  • British International School Phuket
  • Kajonkiet International School Phuket

Join Us

To join us, email to Khun Kanya at kanya@yaowawit.org.