Our teachers encourage critical thinking, team work, personal responsibility, self-discipline and creativity while empowering our students to take control of their own futures. Our teaching methods are inspired by modern educational concepts and we provide our staff with training and team-building seminars to ensure our children receive the best possible education.

Currently we have three kindergarten classes and one class for each grade of elementary school. Many of our children were neglected before they came to Yaowawit and as a result have major developmental gaps. In order to ensure that our children have a strong foundational education, we place them in classes appropriate for their level rather than by age.

Our elementary school is government-approved and teaches the Thai curriculum. The Thai curriculum consists of Thai language, mathematics, science, social studies, religion and culture, health and physical education (including water safety), arts, occupations and technology (life skills) and foreign language (English). Additional clubs include traditional dance, cooking, sports and music.

Our vision is to make Yaowawit a bilingual school. Providing the children with a strong English education will give them more study, work and travel options in the future. We now have two English teachers as well as six international volunteers / interns who assist in other classes and activities throughout the day. In addition to this, our computers have language learning software that allows students and teachers to self-study and check their personal progress.