We are inviting you to sponsor our current projects, any of which will help our students.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

We would like to become an Independent Award Centre (IAC) so that we can give our high school students the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The award is about individual challenge and personal improvement with the aim of helping young people make positive changes in their lives and communities. It provides a non-formal education programme that improves young people’s educational attainment, employability, health and well-being and much more. To complete the award, our high school students will have to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure. The minimum time to complete the gold award is 18 months, so it will take some commitment, but we feel our high school students are ready for the challenge. The fees for becoming an IAC and cost of sending our two staff members on training so that they can support our high school students in doing the award (an IAC requirement) is 75,000 THB.

Teacher’s Salaries

We are dedicated to providing our children the highest quality education possible, and the people who make it happen are our teachers. Teachers are widely acknowledged to be one of the most influential contributors to student success, and so we make sure that we carefully select effective and kind teachers who can motivate and bring out the best in our students. By supporting our teacher’s wages, you will be allowing us to employ talented teachers, maintain low student-to-teacher ratios so that each student can be catered for more easily in a class, and to reduce the workload of each teacher, in turn reducing stress and increasing performance. Our parent teachers who look after our children after school hours earn 9,000 THB per month, our day-time teachers earn 15,000 THB per month and our English teachers earn 20,000 THB per month (these are approximate figures).

Fire Alarms

Recently, a fire broke out at a boarding school in the north of Thailand while many of the children were asleep, and because they did not have a fire detection and alarm system, eighteen girls died. At Yaowawit, we were devastated to hear this news, and we extend our condolences to the friends and family of these girls. In Thailand, it is common for schools to take very few, if any, fire safety precautions. This awful event has raised our awareness of the dangers of being unprepared, and as a result we would like to improve the safety measures that we have at Yaowawit School. We plan to employ a specialist to evaluate fire risks and to install a fire detection and alarm system. We hope to be able to have a smoke detector in each dormitory room as well as in our staff sleeping quarters and lodge rooms where international school students often stay. The cost to purchase enough fire alarms is 32,000 THB.


Playgrounds are not only a place for children to burn off steam but they are also the perfect place for them to improve their coordination, balance and physical strength in addition to providing entertainment, a place to learn about social interactions and to stretch imaginative and creative muscles. Playgrounds are proven to be very beneficial for a child’s development. Playing on playgrounds during lunch breaks has even been linked increased concentration in the classroom. We would like to build two playgrounds at Yaowawit School (one for primary school students, and one for kindergarteners) so that all children have access to age appropriate playground equipment. Please contact us to discuss how you can help us with the design and cost.

Renewable Energy Sources

We were very fortunate to have a solar system donated to us some time ago, which allows us to harvest energy from the sun in an environmentally friendly way while reducing our electricity bill. Unfortunately, we do not have a battery to store this energy, so as soon as it clouds over or the sun sets, energy is then drawn from an outside power company. Supporting the purchase of a solar battery or installing a secondary system such as hydro-power will allow us to further reduce our carbon footprint and costs, which we will then be able to re-allocate better support to our students. Please contact us to discuss how you can help us with the system and costs.

Road Repairs

Over time, the last part of our road that leads up to the school has become increasingly pitted and rough, making it dangerous for our staff who come to school on scooters in particular, but also for students and guests using our school bus. We would like to finish sealing this road so that we can minimize the risk of road accidents for our students, staff and guests. This will cost 650,000 THB.

Fruit and Vegetables

A variety of fruits and vegetables are an essential part of every child’s diet for good health and proper development. Although we do grow our own organic crops in our farm, we feel that we need to supplement this food by purchasing additional fruits and vegetables from local farmers to ensure that we meet the nutritional requirements of our children. This will help them to grow up strong and healthy, and to have active minds that are ready to learn. It costs 500 THB to buy one days’ worth of fruits and vegetables for every child in school.