Part of the education we provide is hospitality training. We use Yaowawit Lodge to give our students practical experience speaking to guests in English and serving. Hospitality services employ a significant number of people in Thailand, and we hope that their experience and education at Yaowawit School will give them the skills they need to be successful in this area.

We are located two hours north of Phuket in the tropical countryside of Phang Nga. The school is a great place to relax, with a farm to explore, a pool and stunning views of the surrounding hills. We can also arrange for you to join activities with the children. Nearby are temples, hot springs, Khao Lak-Lumru National Park (featuring waterfalls, hiking trails and native wildlife), and the Kapong Sunday market. Within driving distance is Khao Lak which is a popular tourist destination, known for its beaches, diving and markets.

Each room includes free WiFi, air conditioning and free breakfasts. You will also have access to our swimming pool, guest lounge and restaurant. You are welcome to spend time with the children – they love to meet new people. A member of our team will give you more information about the school and our children upon arrival.

Your donation will go directly towards keeping our school running for the children – helping us with costs such as teacher’s salaries, books, clothes and hygiene products so that we can continue caring for our children to the best of our ability.

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Read reviews from some of our past guests here and below.




“I had an absolutely awesome time at Yaowawit. What impressed me most was how open and awesome the children here are.  I was also blown away at the staff at Yaowawit. Everything was run exceptionally well and smoothly, and the teachers are very nice and amicable.”

“It’s so beautiful here. You see the trees, the mountains, the foggy mornings; you don’t see any of that in Berlin. People here see the sunset every night during dinner, and in Berlin, there are buildings everywhere, so you don’t even know where to look for the sunset. There is this constant connection to nature that I will miss.”

“The biggest highlight of my week here at Yaowawit was seeing these kids in a healthy and happy learning environment that wouldn’t have been provided if they were still living at home.”

“The stay was much better than I thought. There was good food, the rooms were quite decent and peaceful and the location Yaowawit is a really nice community to be in. I don’t think anything of the project should be changed. Everything was sorted out well and everything was enjoyable so I would keep everything.”

“The whole Yaowawit property was impressive. Housing, layout, field, solar panels, rooms are all much much better than expected. It is absolutely beautiful here.”

“Some of the best highlights of project were the facilities, the tight community between the staff and the students as well as how organized the whole Yaowawit system was.”