Our Farm

Learning Centre for Students & Visitors

Due to the fact that agriculture is one of the largest industries in Thailand and that the majority of the children come from families living on the countryside, a synthesis of traditional farming and cutting-edge technology is created, leading to sustainable farming techniques suitable for the southern region. The learning center also provides and shares pertinent knowledge about agriculture and our responsibility for a cleaner and greener environment.

Agricultural products, herbal medicine production and organic fertilizers are also generated at the center which is powered by solar and hydropower generators. Our children have  permaculture classes where they learn about seedling, plant growth and using organic products. The children take trips to our 192,000-square-metre farm where we grow various crops, have 2 ponds with fish and keep chicken and guinea fowl for egg production only. In 2017 in collaboration with PLAYMOBIL Germany, we built a state of the art goat shed and started our own goat breeding with the intention to use the milk for cosmetics in the future.

The crops we grow are supplying the school restaurant & cafeteria. Our crops include cucumber, bok choy, eggplant, long bean, lemongrass, morning glory, pineapple, banana, chili, limes, ginger, tomato and exotic plants and trees.


Future Project

Compared to the north of Thailand, sustainable agriculture projects, organic farms and agriculture learning centers are underdeveloped in the Southern Provinces, even though agriculture is a major source of income and productivity. Monoculture Rubber and Oil Palm Plantations are dominant eye catchers in the countryside, and most farmers are using chemical pesticides and fertilizers to maximize their harvests.

The “Yaowawit Pre-Vocational Agriculture Academy” (The Academy) and the “Yaowawit Agriculture Park” (The Park) with all learning centers will be the natural next major development

In the next two years, our school’s farming plots will be transformed into a learning center as part of Yaowawit’s  Pre-Vocational Education for agriculture. We provide farms and natural gardens setting the stage for an in depth exchange with local farmers , students and visitors.  It will be used as a sustainable agricultural learning center, whose framework will emphasize agricultural and animal planning including rehabilitation and the utilization of natural ecosystems of the Yaowawit School and a well needed education center for this region.


Academy & Park Project

The project will also become a magnet for agriculture and environmental experts, who are eager to share their knowledge and experience to make agriculture more sustainable and products healthy.

The Academy will:

  • Develop professional education and experimental, life-skills, hands on and competence programs for students, farmers and other visitors.
  • Benefit farmers in the neighborhood and in the south of Thailand by providing know-how, seminars, product marketing and an organic seed exchange bank.
  • Beware rare species of plants and animals, conservative, breeding and propagate center.
  • Generate visitors for the lodge and the Kapong District and become an important part towards self-sustainability of Yaowawit.
  • Use permaculture techniques to be sustainable and respect our natural ecosytems