A home for 138 children from various disadvantaged backgrounds
Support the children by staying with us
Learn about our 192,000 square metre farm and workshops

Yaowawit School, Lodge & Farm

Yaowawit School is the home of 138 children, aged 4-18, offering a holistic (body, mind & spirit) education program including the Thai curriculum, English programs and pre-vocational education academies for hospitality and agriculture.  Yaowawit’s mission is to pledge to provide an excellent life skills education program which helps children to become open-minded, confident, caring and happy human beings.

Yaowawit School is located 2 hours north of Phuket, Thailand and features a 14 room lodge and restaurant, 192,000 square metre farm with agriculture workshops and is surrounded by the tropical Phang Nga countryside with stunning mountain and jungle views.


Currently we have three kindergarten classes and one class for each grade of elementary school. Many of our children were neglected before they came to Yaowawit and as a result have major developmental gaps.


We have created a sanctuary for our children between 3-18 years old to learn, grow and thrive in. Not only do we provide them with a high-quality education, a balanced diet and medical care, we provide them with a home.


Our lodge has 14 rooms and is a great place to relax, with a farm to explore, a pool, views of the surrounding hills and many things to do nearby.  Support the children by staying with us.


Our children have  permaculture classes where they learn about seedling, plant growth, using organic products and take trips to our farm where we have ducks and chickens for eggs, catfish and crops.

Supporting Yaowawit

There are many ways you can support the children.  From staying at the lodge, volunteering to buying our products through Trade for Education, or even just sharing our story with your friends and family; everyone can contribute to Yaowawit School.

We accept donations of any amount and you can sponsor a child, or even sponsor a specific project.  Your organization can become a CSR partner alongside Mercedes Benz and JW Marriott Phuket among others.

We have comprehensive programs for international schools combining in-school activities such as maintenance, farming, football with the children and out of school activities including visiting beaches, markets, waterfalls and much more.