Talent Competition 2019

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Talent Competition 2019

The education ministry holds an annual talent competition in various skill categories, from Thai poem recitation to digital drawing, for school students. The competition starts first in a district level, then in a provincial level, and finally in a national level.

Forty-five of our students, who wanted to try their talents, competed in 15 categories in Kapong district. They won first-places in 10 categories including aerobic dance. And on 21 September, they (then only 32 students left) went to Phang Nga province to compete against other students from 50 other schools.

Our students won the first place in aerobic dance, and the team got an invitation for a national level competition in January 2020. However, our other students most won second or third places, which were not bad because we managed to get more students to the competition this year than we did last year.

We hope a competition like this will continue to inspire our students to study hard, evaluate themselves, and improve their skills. They must train themselves to be lifelong learners.

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