Narm Going to College in China

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Narm Going to College in China

Occasionally one of Yaowawit children manages to build up enough confidence in themselves to take the opportunity to study abroad and live on their own far away from their family. This time, Narm has become such a child. Through diligence and perseverance, she has learned to speak Chinese and maintained her academic grades, qualifying her to be admitted into Tianjin Maritime College in Tianjin province, China, on a scholarship for an undergraduate study in logistics and power generation technology.

Narm is confident to complete her studies within three years. She is totally dedicated to learning the academic language and to adapt to the Chinese culture. Because of that, Yaowawit believes in her. She will be able to conduct herself responsibly on her own as an adult and a role model for other Yaowawit

Yaowawit is proud of her.

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