Urgent Appeal: Help Rebuild Yaowawit

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Help Rebuild Yaowawit

School Relief Efforts: Rebuilding & Returning the Joy of Learning to Children In Need

Who We Are

Yaowawit is a school, shelter and home for underprivileged children and teens affected by tsunami and poverty. Established in 2006, Yoawawit is located in the rainforest of Phang-Nga, 135 km north of Phuket, Thailand. Yaowawit promotes purposeful and meaningful learning in addition to the Thai curriculum and English language for personal growth & development. Yaowawit is also a learning center for marginalized local young adults who want to train in the areas of hospitality and sustainable agriculture. Today, 138 children and teens are under the care of Yaowawit — living, learning and preparing themselves for a better future ahead of them.

Why We Need Help

In late August 2018, the landslides caused by heavy rains have hit Yaowawit school — land, rocks, and debris plummet down the side of a mountain and took out most of the grounds our school buildings once stood firmly upon.

These destructive forces of nature have disrupted our school activities and the lives of  138 children and 15 teachers. The three buildings of our school, dormitory and learning facilities are in need of an urgent rebuilding and restoration in order to resume daily learning activities and education services to the children and our local community.

Urgent Appeal:  Help Rebuild Yaowawit
Urgent Appeal:  Help Rebuild Yaowawit

Why Your Contributions Matter

  • Because you believe in education and giving an opportunity to children in need, to thrive and be the best they can be.
  • Because you understand the importance of purposeful learning and having a safe place to live, learn and play.
  • Because you were once given the opportunity to strive for personal improvement, and you always want to give back to those who now need it most in whatever way you can.
  • Because you believe in the power of giving that can transform your life and others.
  • Yaowawit is also an education institution registered under the Ministry of Education of Thailand therefore your contribution is tax deductible.

How To Help

There are so many ways individuals or businesses can make contributions to our Rebuild Yaowawit project. You do not just need to send us donations, instead you can raise awareness and fund-raise yourself for supporting the rebuilding of Yaowawit. We hope you will find one or more methods that are convenient for you.

Urgent Appeal:  Help Rebuild Yaowawit
Urgent Appeal:  Help Rebuild Yaowawit

Direct Donation

It will only take a minute or two for you to donate and your generosity will be instantly put into effect via the direct earmarked relief fund.

Siam Commercial Bank

  • Account: 533-2-42493-8 (Yaowawit School)

Commerzbank AG Essen

  • Account: 122232203 (Yaowawit School)
  • IBAN: DE43360400390122232203

Donate through GlobalGiving.Org

You can donate to the Rebuild Yaowawit project through Global Giving, while following the progress of our fundraising project.

Help Us Spread the Word

We kindly ask you to spread the words of loving kindness and to help us rebuild our school so that it will be once again safe and a place we can proudly call Home Sweet Home.

For more information, please contact info@yaowawit.org or
+66 (0) 929 594 585

Urgent Appeal:  Help Rebuild Yaowawit
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