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Why We Need Laminating Machines

Laminating machines can protect paper printouts such as photos, flash cards and other teaching materials from water and moisture. Therefore, these teaching materials can last for a long time. Currently, we have only one laminating machine, which has been in use for almost 10 years–way beyond its lifespan. The machine is faulty now. Because of that, it takes hours and hours to get hot and ready for laminating. For that reason, we need to buy new laminating machines now. The more laminating machines we have, the better it will be, because teachers and staff can then use one in each department.

The laminating machine we need looks like this one.
The laminating machine we need looks like this one. Any similar machines that serve the same function are also welcome.


Purchasing 4 new laminating machines


  • Any brand is welcome
  • Important function: capable of adjusting heating temperatures


1,500 – 6,000 THB per laminating machine

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Yu Xi Yan (Kru Yan)

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