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Why We Need Laptops

Skills in using computer are taught in an early age at Yaowawit starting with Grade 1. Having sufficient numbers of computers (both desktops and laptops) enables our children to practice their skills as often as possible. At the moment, we have enough desktops but have no laptops for our children’s use. Laptops are always useful at Yaowawit. Because they are handy, the children can take and use them anywhere at the school. For example, when some children need to practice their English conversations with their friends in a quiet place without any interruption from other children, they can take a laptop with them and use it to evaluate their English pronunciations. Similarly, if they need to practice their traditional dance for an upcoming show, they can also do so using a laptop as they can tune up loud dance songs in a place away from other children. Another example is that oftentimes our children also need to use laptops to do their research on the internet, especially when they are completing their school projects either on their own individually or in groups. With laptops, our children can do those projects conveniently anywhere they want.

Our laptops are broken now. They had been in use for over three years.
Our laptops are broken now. They had been in use for over three years.


Finding used laptops or buying new ones


  • Any brand
  • Any size
  • Important for used laptops: they are still working
  • Quantity: 10 laptops (the more, the better)


  • 8,000 – 15,000 THB per regular new laptop depending on brands
  • Used laptops are also welcome

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Al Fian (Khun Al)

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