Yaowawit School

Yaowawit School Kapong is a government approved environmentally sustainable Education and Life Skills Learning Centre. Situated remotely in the jungle, and close to the quiet town of Kapong, day-to-day life at Yaowawit can be both unusual and inspiring.

We strive to provide a first-class education to children from some of Southern Thailand’s most underprivileged backgrounds. Alongside standard academic subjects, students are taught meaningful, practical skills that can be useful once they finish school. We have our own farm where students learn how to successfully grow specific crops and they help to develop natural pesticides and sustainable farming practices. We have a hospitality training center and restaurant, where our students are able to familiarize themselves with hospitality training, develop catering and hotel management skills, to help them become more self-confident. In addition to these skills, we teach IT and computer skills, and encourage our students to explore their interests and passions, whether that includes music, sports, dance, photography, etc. We are active in the community and our students regularly compete in local dancing, sports, and academic competitions.


Volunteering at Yaowawit

Our organisation is looking for enthusiastic volunteers who can work overseas and are looking forward to learn the real Thai culture and traditions.

Volunteer work look appealing on resume, but the real reason to become a volunteer is the sense of accomplishment that you will get. It will be a meaningful experience that will stay forever in your memory, we are still in touch with our past volunteers and most of them have come back after years of visiting us.

You have the opportunity to apply in various departments depending on your preferences;

  • Classes: teaching & assisting
  • English language program: camps & activities
  • Lodge: welcoming guests & hospitality training
  • Farm: agriculture & permaculture

Volunteering Application Process

Applying to Volunteer

If you are interested in coming to Yaowawit, please send us your resume and a cover letter to volunteers@yaowawit.org. You can apply for the duration of a semester (4/5 months), or for a full academic year (around 12 months). Please indicate your preference when sending us your application.

We are asking our volunteers to stay for a minimum of 3 months, it gives the children a better chance to develop a relationship with you. If you can’t stay for 3 months, we might make an exception but only if we feel that you are really motivated.


After your application has been received, we may contact you to set up an informal interview over Skype. Once we had the chance to speak more, we encourage you to contact any of our current volunteers, then you can gain a better understanding of the day-to-day life at Yaowawit.


Life at Yaowawit & Surrounding Area

The Volunteers Village

The volunteers village consists of a series of small buildings near the entrance of the foundation, separate to the school area. This gives volunteers a private space where they live and can relax. As others live in the Village, it is important that communal areas are kept clean and tidy and that you are respectful to your neighbours at all times.

You will be provided with you own room and a shared bathroom, kitchen and seating area.

Free Time

Your free time will be decided by your schedule. Volunteers are free to roam the grounds, and explore the local district. The volunteers tend to spend a lot of time together, and it is advised that you bring some card games, books and other activities to keep you occupied. Volunteers are encouraged to play sports or spend time with the children as much as possible. Yaowawit children will benefit greatly from speaking English with volunteers in the evenings or on weekends.

Local Area

Yaowawit is located in Mo Village, which is one of the 5 villages in Kapong. Kapong is a quiet, small town, where everyone knows everyone else. Most of the locals don’t speak English and will likely notice that you are from Yaowawit. It is advised that you dress respectfully. There is a local market named Nut Market that students often visit on Sunday mornings. It is a 30-minute walk from the school. Food from local street vendors is cheap, safe and delicious. Costs range between 30-60 THB. There are ATMs in Kapong if you need to withdraw money.

Kapong is about an hour drive to beaches in Khao Lak, but there are waterfalls, treks and mountain bike trails in short distances. Yaowawit has a selection of bikes that you are free to use.



Unlike many other volunteer programmes around the world that charge thousands of dollars a month, we ask for 9,000 THB per month to go in the Volunteer Fund. This is to cover your housing and food (3 meals per day). The Volunteer Fund also goes towards financing fun activities for the children, i.e. birthday parties, day trips, movie nights, treasure hunts, etc.

Please note that if you choose to extend your stay with us for longer than 3 months, you will no longer be asked to contribute to the Volunteer Fund. We feel that dedicating more of your time to helping our students should allow you to remain free of charge.

Learn more our volunteer guidelines here

Thank You!

We thank you for your interest in Yaowawit, and your desire to come and work with us.

The children are at the heart of Yaowawit. All of our programs, activities and efforts are catered towards their well-being and education. We are sure that if you come and work with us and bring your knowledge, skills, energy, compassion, open mind, patience, understanding, acceptance and a willingness to compromise and adapt, you will love your stay with us.