Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018

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“Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations”

Natcha Kaewneam (Pakgard)

Yaowawit Student

Pakgard is originally from The Suratthani Province. She has been living at the Yaowawit School since she attended our kindergarten class at the age of 4.
She is a brilliant and joyful young lady of 16, who is truly talented as a
singer and as a story teller.
Like all our high school students, Pakgard is studying at Pittayakom High School in Kapong while still living at Yaowawit.

We are really happy to announce that she recently received an award from her high school for being an exemplary student. The qualifications to receive this award included outstanding behavior, a high level of intellectual curiosity and its application, assisting other students in need, and maintaining a superior level of the English studies.

The award consisted of giving her the amount of 2,000 Bht per month until she’ll finish high school, to enable her to save up for her future university studies.

Her interest in other cultures, her experience at Yaowawit pre-vocational school and her love for the English language are bringing her closer to eventually studying hospitality and to becoming a hotel manager.
She regularly attends English story telling competitions where she gets great results.

She is also one of the lead singers of the Yaowawit band and a great dancer.
We are extremely proud of her achievements and that we, as a school and community are able to support her on her way.

Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018
Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018

February activity, Berlin International School (BIS)

The Berlin International School (BIS) visited us for the fourth consecutive year. They always support us with funds for a new project. This year it was for the construction of a new bridge that connects the pool area with the sports field. They fundraised the money for this project as well as managed to secure a donation from the Thai Embassy in Berlin. We used those funds to purchase materials for the construction which the visiting students and teachers helped to turn into a beautiful bridge.

February activity, The 13th “Tha Nai Games”

The 13th “Tha Nai Games” Youth and Student Sports Competition was held in Phang Nga Province.
Football teams with members aged 12 and over from all around the area of Phang Nga were able to participate.
Yaowawit Team won the crown this season under the coaching supervision of Mr. Piyawat!

Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018

Environmental trip

On the 22nd of February, Yaowawit School organized an educational trip for the students from grade 4 to grade 6 in the Thai Mueang District.
They learned about the eco-systems and environmental topics of Thailand.

March activity, The IT Adaman Club visit

On the 3rd of March The IT Adaman Club came to visit us and they donated:
-40 new beds for the kindergarten nap time in class -Sports equipment -Swim Suits for the children

To thank them for their generosity the kindergarten group prepared a show with a Chinese theme since the Chinese New Year was celebrated only 2 weeks prior in February.

Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018
Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018

March activity, visit of a special friend

On the 4th of March we enjoyed the visit of a special friend, Layla Kardan.
The renown Jazz singer who lives in Dubai visited Yaowawit for the first time 2 years ago and brought amazing presents: music Instruments and band equipment. This was the foundation of the Yaowawit Band ‘Jam Start’ which under the direction of our music teacher Kim Atupan performs not only at the school but also at events in Phang Nga and Phuket.
The children were happily sharing their acquired music skills with Layla.

March activity, The Hong Kong International School

We had the immense pleasure of having The Hong Kong International
School visit for one week. They participated in many activities with the children.
They donated the funds and helped building stairs for an easier access from the Lodge to the gardening area.

Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018
Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018

March activity, UWC Hong Kong School visit

From the 11th to the 17th of March the UWC Hong Kong School visited Yaowawit and they cleaned, rearranged and planted ornamental flowers around the area of the children’s houses and their school rooms. They donated clothes and toys for the swimming pool. They also generously helped with the farming department and assisted the teachers with the English activities held in the classrooms.

Graduation ceremony for Kindergarten 3 and Grade 6

Our primary students sat their National Exams at the beginning of March, which went very well for them. On March 29 the graduation ceremony for Kindergarten 3 and Grade 6 marked the end of the school year. We were joined for this festive event by many managers from the Marriott Hotel Group, who are our partner in the pre-vocational hospitality program. They brought graduation caps for Grade 6 and presented each one of the 11 students with a beautiful new schoolbag to start their first high school year well equipped. They also supplied delicious snacks for the whole school.

After the hospitality students showed the Marriott team their skills at hotel check-in, housekeeping and table setting, the 6th graders enjoyed a special lunch with all the guests.
At the actual ceremony the graduates from Kindergarten 3 received a certificate of accomplishment and the 6th graders also received one for participating in the pre-vocational hospitality program.
This was followed by various impressive song and dance acts by all the students and our school band.
To end this touching day the 6th graders planted a tree which was donated by the Marriott team to mark this special occasion.

Feb.-March Newsletter, 2018

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